President Obama’s State Visit

Project Description

In April 2016, President Obama conducted one of his last state visits to the UK. As part of the American Embassy’s Young Leaders Programme, Obama was invited to speak at RHH Lindley Hall to an audience of 500 young UK leaders. To our delight, EHP were asked to provide and construct all staging for this highly prestigious event.



Oxygen Event Services Ltd on behalf of the American Embassy Events Team



To provide all staging, catwalk, camera platforms, press and audience arenas, draping, set and dressing for the venue.



EHP were able to source all stock for this event in-house, and prepare for its installation overnight. The build took around 80 hours, and was completed with plenty of time for the Secret Service and British Military Police to check the area over. We will definitely never forget the satisfaction of watching the President of the USA glide across our expertly constructed staging!


“David, I was lucky to have you, your team and Steve on board pulling out all the stops to make this event happen. I really do appreciate the sleepless nights that went into making the event happen without a glitch when there were so many moving variables. The client was completely happy and the venue enjoyed working with us which was obviously important from our point of view!  Events don’t really get more high-profile, so having you and your team on board with us made it just that much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


Jessica Grey, Director

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Date May 23, 2016 Categories