Aluminum Stage Legs

We have over 12,000 legs in stock.  Yes it’s a lot of legs, but we need this in order to be able to build all of those wonderful platforms for our clients.
All Aluminum legs come with a plastic end cap to avoid any nasty scratches on the floor. These are also colour coded for ease of quick reference.
With such an extensive stock our standard heights are listed below.
1ft – (30.5cm)

18″ – (45.75cm)

2ft – (61cm)

2.5ft – (76.25cm)

3ft – (91.5cm)

3ft 6″ – (106.75cm)

4ft – (122cm)

6ft – (183cm)

8ft – (2440cm)

2.5ft Ali Leg

3ft Ali Leg

3ft 6″ Ali Leg

4ft Ali Leg

6ft Ali Leg

8ft Ali Leg


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