What types of events do you manage?
We focus predominantly on the live events industry. This encompasses fashion shows, gala dinners, sporting events, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, weddings and private celebrations among many other weird and wonderful events. With such a large amount of diverse stock, we are perfectly positioned to facilitate almost everything in-house. We are always happy to accept a challenge - however unique your event, we’d love to hear about it.
How long have you been established?
Event Hire Professionals Ltd was established in 2008 by founder David Green, and has since developed and grown into organisation it is today. EHP is also still managed by its founder, who plays a key role in quality control and direction.
Do you do small events?
Yes, we work on small events as well as large ones, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for the facilitation of one particular aspect of your event, or the full production, we’re here to help and take the stress away.
Do you own all the equipment you use?
Yes, we have one of the UK's most diverse in-house stock collections, which is frequently referred to as a real Aladdin's Cave. This stock includes staging, sound, furniture, lighting, rigging, set, décor and drapes products, all stored in our 8000 sq ft warehouse and 6000 sq ft yard in Wimbledon. When required, we also hire in kit from other local companies with whom we’ve built up working relationships over the years. This network gives us access to some of the most up-to-date equipment on the market.
Do you offer a Dry Hire Service?
Yes we do. If you are short of certain equipment, or are competent in setting up the equipment yourself and know what you need, we offer a Dry Hire Service. To use this service you will need to arrange payment in advance bring along a proof of address and photo ID when picking up any equipment.
How will the CDM regulations of 2015 affect my event?
CDM 2015 regulations have now come into effect. These are broad regulations that affect almost all events, focused on securing the health, safety and welfare of those carrying out construction work and protecting others that it may affect. The regulations are about about breaking down principal roles to functional allocations. On a basic level, this means making sure that the planning of each part of an event, construction and qualified personnel are adhering to what has been laid out in a project briefing. It’s also what most good UK companies are doing already! If we are contracted to manage your event, we will take care of all Health and Safety and CDM for the areas required. Here is a useful link for those interested to know more.
What parts of the UK do you cover?
We are a national provider and work with clients throughout the UK and Europe.
Do you work with International companies?
EHP are perfectly positioned to provide UK-wide and international production support for projects and tours. Our London based warehouse and skilled production team are able to support your needs in the UK and overseas in many areas including:
  • Rigging design
  • Audio system
  • Lighting systems
  • Graphics and artwork printing
  • Storage and logistics
  • Sourcing of custom items
  • 3D visuals and CAD work
  • Adherence to local laws and customers
We have recently worked with:
  • Russian Olympic team at Carlton House Terrace for Bosco during the London 2012 Olympics
  • Roger Dubuis for the internal launch of the Excalibur Range
  • Illy Coffee for the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament
Do you work Internationally?
We work with clients all around the globe on countless international events. Whilst  the majority of our events are located in the UK, we often work on projects throughout Europe, and have travelled as far as Shanghai and Cape Town in the past. Who knows where we will end up next? We also support international brands with event management and infrastructure needs. We work closely with brands, venues and local authorities overseas, to ensure they are in good hands when landing in the UK. As we are UK-based, we are used to working to the highest H&S procedures and CDM regulations, which are some of the most stringent in the world.
Why should I use a UK company?
The UK is a market leader in event production and management:
  • Some of the world’s finest event equipment is made and designed in the UK.
  • The UK has a vast range of small, specialist companies all with their own expertise, resulting in innovative ideas being dreamt up all the time.
  • The UK has some of the strictest H&S and CDM regulations, meaning that we rarely have to change our procedures to accommodate those of other countries.
EHP are experienced in managing international projects. Over the past eight years we have worked on numerous events in and outside of Europe. Where ATA Carnets and international documents are required, we have invested the time in our IT systems to report these documents for border control and customs at the click of a button, enabling us to turn international projects around quickly.
How big is EHP?
We are small enough to care about projects on a personal level and big enough to be efficient and cost effective. We have a core team of four and a number of part-time staff, along with a range of freelance workers who specialise in certain areas. This allows us to keep our costs to a minimum, which makes us better value for money to you, the consumer. Each year we undertake around 250 events.
Are you happy to agree to Non-Disclosure?
Yes we are. About 15% of our events are either high profile involving celebrities, product launches, concept ideas for PR companies or TV shows. As a team at EHP we are happy to agree to NDA’s where required. How seriously we take the privacy of organisations and individuals is one of the reasons we have repeat business from these clients.  
Do you do discounts for charity events?
Each year we commit to two charities, to whom we offer a fundraising budget. The charities we select are usually chosen due to personal links with members of the EHP team. Whilst we don’t offer any other complete sponsorships, we do offer charity discounts on a case by case basis.
Do you take on work experience or placement students?
Yes. Here at EHP we believe that young blood is the future of the industry. The team have all grown up within events management and developed along with it. Each year we take on placement students for the duration of the summer months. This gives the students the largest range of events to work on and hone their skills. Some of our placements have now become part of the full team. If you are interested in a placement with us, please do get in touch.
What are your payment terms?
We require a deposit upon booking and the balance in full 72 hours prior to the event. Some established clients also hold accounts with us.