Europe Modball Rally

Project Description

Starting in 2007, the Europe Modball Rally is a yearly event that sees teams of car enthusiasts team up to race across the continent. EHP were called upon to create and construct an inspirational start-line gantry to see the teams off.


Modball Rally



To erect a branded, start-line gantry for the Europe Modball Rally. The gantry should be set up in under an hour due to road closure requirements, and be completely self-sufficient and free-standing.



The gantry solution we devised was built using Milos M290v truss and large, steel base plates. The goal-post truss was constructed at ground level, including all branded elements, and then joined to hinges on the base plate. The base plates are then loaded with concrete ballast blocks, and the goal post is walked up using a team of four people. This method proved simple and extremely effective, with the rally participants being cheered on their way by enthused crowds on either side.


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Project Details

Date April 19, 2016 Categories